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Susanne Holte


Sædding Strandvej 22
6710 Esbjerg V

Om mig

After e a couple of decades as a journalist writing about design, trends, lifestyle, art, interior design and architecture, I have accumulated a rich insight into the subjects and developed a large network. Over  the years thousands of interviews, articles and press releases has left my desk to end up in the best Danish magazines and newspapers.
I have an open eye for the signs in time. Due to this, my skills are valued when design talents are to be honored. Twice I have been among the finale judges in "Made in Denmark" - a design competition in Danish television DR1. I am also a part of the jury behind the prestigious Design Award.
I am a classically trained journalist. Owner of Supress for several years. Contributor and regular supplier to a wide range of journals, newspapers and lifestyle magazines. Focused on journalism concerning design, trends, architecture and interior design - but also business news and features.
Working with communication on many levels and for many types of customers and audiences.
Product presentations and press releases are also a part of the palette.


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